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Sculpture Donation Henley Primary School

Sculpture Collaboration: Roger Matheson, Phill Krammer, Paula Fitzgerald 

As with all sculptures, they tell a story and give a message.

The story of our sculpture is Life's Journey.

Starting from the roots, a seed and our children

Symbolised with the beautiful shell of the paua nurtured and protected within the roots of the nikau.

The roots representing the supportive parents of our Henley children.

The Scroll and stones recognise the gathering and storing of information, forming ideas and opinions.

The ability to adapt to our surroundings and flourish like the strength of the husk and the beauty of the flower.

Growth rings recording our journey.

Branching out, receiving light and life, travelling, searching, exploring to the hills and beyond.

With the way home waiting, gleaming quietly like the natural flow of a river.

Ready for Lifes Journey to start once again.


Reach high, strive for knowledge and live with all your heart.


Paula Fitzgerald


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Artwork Donation Henley Primary School

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